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Security System B (427)
Requires a Three (3) Year Monitoring Agreement

bullet One (1) G.E. Concord Security Alarm System featuring up to Twenty-Four (24) zones of protection.
bullet One (1) G.E. Concord Control Panel.
bullet Two (2) L.C.D. Digital Keypads located at the entry from the garage to the home and the master bedroom. (The keypad shall be located in the foyer area if there is no direct access to the garage.)
bullet Contacts on all exterior doors including the door from the home to the garage.
bullet Contacts on all Basement windows (lower sash if the windows are double hung).
bullet Contacts on up to 8 total openings.
bullet One (1) Motion Detector located in the front foyer area.
bullet One (1) Interior Siren located on the second floor hallway (not visible from the front foyer if possible).
bullet Central Station Monitoring provides 24-hours / 7 days dispatch of Police or Fire Department when activated by the built-in Communicator.


System Price: Prices start at $699 to $999 depending on type of home structure.
System Options: Options priced at time of pre-wire. Additional charges may apply after pre-wire is completed.

bullet Additional Standard L.C.D.Digital Keypad - $150.00 each
bullet Smoke Detector - $110.00 each / Hardware and Wireless $165 each
bullet Glass Breakage Detector Hardwire $135 / Wireless $165 each
bullet Motion Detector - $165.00 each
bullet Wireless Key Fob - $90.00 each
bullet Voice Siren - $170.00
bullet Window or Door Contacts (If Added) $80.00 each


Items below are priced as upgrade in place of standard items.
bullet Upgrade Existing Keypad to Custom English L.C.D. Display - $150.00 each Keypad
bullet Upgrade Existing Standard Motion Detector to a Pet Friendly Hardwire $90 / Wireless $165.00 each



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